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Cross-Florida Adventure Ride

What does "Cross-Florida" mean? To some it's going from
coast-to-coast. To others it's exploring the back roads and countryside
across the Sunshine State. No matter what your interpretation, joining in
on the annual DDS Cross-Florida Adventure Ride will surely expose you
to the Florida you never knew existed!

DDS has been bringing dual sport and adventure riders together since
1996, and in all those years we've seen a lot of places and been to a
couple of more! We've found the best local sites, points of interest,
out-of-the-way-places and explored the best possible ways to get there
combining only the best paved connectors. Though sometimes, there
are some miles on some slab that we can't help, because that's the only
way to get from one spot to another...

Conceived in 2005, DDS began expanding into
long distance
events like the DragonSlayer and the Cross-Florida.

With the advent of the increased popularity of the Big Adventure Bikes
and the greater number of riders who have yet to develop enduro quality
skill-sets, DDS launched into the C-FL, specifically geared towards big
bikes, those developing their skills, two-up riders, and just plain anyone
who wanted to go "back roads touring" on little used paved and dirt
roads in Florida.

Overall, DDS has 8 different routes with varying themes criss-crossing
the State. What one will be happening any given year will be a mystery
until released. So grab your gear and load your bike. You're going to
see The REAL Florida like no one else does!

2013: Cracker Adventure: Small town classic Florida, Cracker style!
2014: Everglades Edition: We took you deep into the Glades!
2015: Ghost Town Edition: Explore the Florida that disappeared!

You may not see it again for years to come! Don't miss the opportunity!

Learn More About The C-FL: Ghost Town Edition By Using This Link...
2015 C-FL Adventure Ride: Ghost Town Edition
This year we go into history. Florida towns that are no more, old sites
and purposes, small churches and cemetaries. Florida history is vast
with ghost towns from times gone by. Come join us on this special event!